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Homebuyer’s Roadmap & Checklist

Congratulations! You’ve found your dream home. Now what?

Unsure of how the homebuyer’s process works? Overwhelmed with all the steps required, and what your specific responsibilities are along the way?

The home-buying process can be a tricky one to conceptualize. That’s why we’ve put together our Homebuyer’s Road Map, to help you better understand and visualize the path you’ll go down when purchasing a new home. Also included is a purchaser’s checklist, which you can use along to way to ensure you’re checking all the boxes you need to.

First-time home buyer? We host relaxed, informative evenings in Wellington and Porirua that provide helpful tips on how to purchase property in this market, how to make offers and conditions (especially builders reports), tips for dealing with tenders, auctions or negotiations, and extra advice from financial, legal and real-estate experts.

To learn when our next First-Time Homebuyers’ Seminar is, and to RSVP, email us at [email protected].