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Relationship Property Agreement Fact Sheet

Download our fact sheet to learn how we can help you set up a Relationship Property Agreement

Is a Relationship Property Agreement right for you? If you’ve been living with your partner for more than three years, then you’re probably in a ‘qualifying relationship’ under the Property (Relationships) Act. This means if you separate (or die) your relationship property is generally split equally between you and your partner.

This equal split applies regardless of who paid for what, or who earned what income. The rules even apply to your Kiwisaver balance, or a family home owned prior to the relationship.

Do I need to set up a Relationship Property Agreement?

If it’s inappropriate for your relationship property (like a family home or Kiwisaver balance) to be split equally between you and your partner then a Relationship Property Agreement (also known as a Contracting Out Agreement or a pre-nup) could be a good option.

For us, they’re critical where someone has children from previous relationships, you are taking a loan from parents to buy property, or if the assets/income brought to the relationship are disproportionate.

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