Whether you’re buying a property, managing a trust or building a business, we’ve got your back.

We’ve been there and done that. This allows us to sort any of your legal issues with accuracy, simplicity and empathy.


From buying or selling your first home, to building a rental property portfolio – we’ve got all your property matters covered.

We’ve bought and sold ourselves, and have had to make difficult decisions along the way. This means we know what you’re dealing with and can craft a solution to any situation.

Buying a first home can be a daunting process. We’ve done it ourselves so we know what you’re going through.

Throw into the mix getting access to your Kiwisaver, FirstHome subsidies, LIM Reports, Insurance, Banks and Builders Reports, and it all becomes rather daunting.

We’ll walk with you along the way to get you into that elusive first home.

If you haven’t already, checkout our Home Buyer’s Guide in the Resources section.

Moving from a first home to a second (or subsequent) family home can be just as daunting as that initial first home process.

It’s often hard to remember the process you went through, and added to the mix is the stress of selling your original property. We guide you through the journey to make the process as pain free as possible.

If you haven’t already, checkout our Home Buyer’s Guide in the Resources section.

Buying a rental property has distinct differences from buying your personal home. We’ve got rentals ourselves so know the challenges.

Minimising your tax, getting the right lending structure and managing banks are all part of it. We work in conjunction with your other professional advisors (brokers, banks and accountants) to make building your rental portfolio as pain-free as possible.

Buying a commercial investment property has its own unique challenges. Earthquake ratings, body corporate, leases, and more. They all play into the value of your investment so taking strong advice from the outset is critical.

We’ll help you through the due diligence process to ensure you’re making the right investment and that there’s no unexpected surprises along the way.


Being in business has both risk and reward. We’ll work with you to jump at the opportunities, while mitigating the risks.

We’re business owners ourselves, growing from start-up to now having a team helping businesses across the country. We’re dealing with the same issues as you – people, suppliers, leases and more.

Getting paid by your customers, and managing your exposure to any claims from them often comes down to having robust Terms of Trade.

Getting the fine print right is easier said than done – we’ve got that sorted for you.

One of the biggest risks faced by any business is a supplier letting you down. It can damage customer relationships, eat your profit margins and cause you to hemorrhage cash.

The only way to protect yourself is to have robust contracts with your suppliers.

We’ll review your contracts to make sure you understand the risks. From there we can help craft solutions to mitigate those risks or to simply acknowledge them and let them be (at least you’ll know what you’re potentially up for).

For many, their business is only as strong as their address. Protecting the address through the lease, under appropriate terms, is the only option to ensure a business’ viability.

For others, it’s about understanding the terms of the lease. The Christchurch and Seddon Earthquakes caught many businesses where they couldn’t access their premises but had to continue paying rent.

We can help you understand what your lease means for your business and come up with a plan to mimimise any risk.

If you’re entering into any commercial deal then you don’t want lawyers spoiling it for you. Buying, selling, merging can all be tripped up by lawyers.

For us we see our role as identifying the risks, without being a roadblock to progress. Once a risk is identified, we’ll help you understand how ‘real’ it is, and then how you can minimise the impact if it were to play out.

It’s not good enough for your lawyer just to present you with the risk or the problem – we focus on the solution, not just the problem.


You’ve worked hard to build your wealth – protecting it and making sure it ends up in the right place when the time comes is critical. A trust is a good start, but if not managed properly it’ll fall apart.

We’ll design a plan involving Trusts, Wills and Powers of Attorney specifically for you and your family situation.

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth. Now it’s time to protect it from what we call the “3 d’s” – death, disaster or divorce. What happens when you die, if you hit the financial rocks, or if you separate from your partner.

For most people this involves forming a family trust – which must be properly managed. We’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s to make sure your hard-earned wealth is protected.

Clarity on what happens when you die, or if you become incapacitated helps many people sleep at night. This is where a clearly thought out Will and Powers of Attorney come in.

We know that this is an awkward conversation for many people to have. It’s also difficult for people to decide who-gets-what when the time comes.

We’ll help guide the conversation so that your Wills and Powers of Attorney actually happen (rather than being left unsigned, in the important but not urgent basket).

Relationship Property Agreements (or pre-nups) are far more common than people think – there’s no embarassment in having one, or asking for one.

Relationships are more complicated than ever, and often partners bring different levels of wealth to the relationship. This is especially true when someone’s parents are contributing cash to a property, or for second (and subsequent) relationships.

We can guide a delicate conversation to make sure your Relationship Property Agreement is fair to all parties.

A mismanaged Trust, or other documentation which isn’t fit for purpose, can destroy wealth and lead to family disputes, legal fees and emotional distress.

Our Trust Health Check service will make sure that your Trust is compliant, and that the outcomes you’ll see from your Will, Memorandum of Wishes and Powers of Attorney are what you expect them to be.


Katherine at Convex Legal helped us with the sale of our residential home. During what was quite a stressful time, Katherine's knowledge, communication and sense of humour really saved us. We will definitely use Convex Legal again and we couldn't recommend them more.- Harry Boam
Convex Legal helped us buy another business recently. They made a complicated process pain free, dealing with the leases, staff, supply agreements and more. I'm sure there are things they just took care of before it became a problem for me - they had my back and put out fires before they took hold. Highly recommended.- Sean Barker
Great service, prompt delivery. Couldn't believe how quickly things were sorted. Highly recommend A++.- Raewyn Langford
We found Katherine at Convex Legal great to work with. A friend recommended her to use for sale of our house. Her practical, clear advice meant we chose to use her again for the purchase of our next place. Would definitely recommend Convex Legal to others.- Andrew Robinson
It's such a fantastic service that Convex Legal provides! The process of selling a house has never been so easy. So friendly and professional and takes the stress out of what normally has been a stressful process in the past! Thank you so much - amazing.- Elle Henderson
We enjoyed working with Convex Legal so much. They were efficient, professional, friendly and explained everything in a way that we could understand. We did not have to worry about a thing, and felt that we could trust her to follow through for us. We would not hesitate to work with Convex again and will definitely be recommending them to others.- Laurelle Borkin


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We’ll work within your budget to develop upfront, customisable pricing options that you’ll sign off on before we get to work.


We’re obsessed with using technology to make our business more efficient. This makes dealing with us as simple as possible.

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